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The BIPlan System®

The "BIPlan System" is a best practice business health check application. Use it to find the gaps in your business and how to fix them.

    Your data and results are FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.
    It's your property and you are in control. Only you can see your data and only you can grant (or withdraw) access to another, such as a colleague or business coach.
    Business improvement is an ongoing, iterative process, so the BIPlan System works with you, remebering what you've done with tools to help you plan and organise your path ahead. It's designed to let you come back to it again and again as you progress.
    We acknowledge that your business structure may change over time, so you can change your business profile at any time to include what's relevent and exclude what isn't. For example, whether you have staff or not, have debtors or not, etc.
    We will NEVER use any of your identifiable data for any purpose without your explicit concent.

Registration is free and open to all because we're a social enterprise and believe that no business should fail simply because you didn't know what you didn't know.

How you use the BIPlan System is entirely up to you. You are in control and your data is safely stored in a cryptic method that only the application understands.

The BIPlan System®

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Find and fix the gaps in your business for a business that's more profitable, sustainable and saleable.

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Assess your business against The BIPlan System® business best practice checklists, developed by small business specialists, tested and proven to be directly linked to profitability.